Angela Bussio is a coach, best selling author, speaker - A creator.

She is also a business and motivational trainer. Her coaching programs, books and online programs empower people with skills and tools to become their own authority in managing stressful negative emotional states using state of the art Energy Method techniques and information to build the life they are destined to live and to make a greater difference in the world.

Angela was fortunate to learn the skills of conscious creation early in life –and created amazing results and success as a young girl.  However, during a very stressful time in her life, she suffered a complete breakdown. The process she went through to get back on her feet led her to over 200 books and programs- trying to find a better way-and a better way is what she found!   What she offers now is a powerful consolidation of a lifetime of learning,  that includes state of the art techniques and information and most importantly, a framework, to make sense of it all. The amazing results of her programs from the people she has taught and who have applied this framework are so reliable that she calls it a “science”.

Angela’s programs speeches and seminars have helped hundreds to re-script their lives- helping turn stress to success for so many.

Highlights from Angela’s Achievements include:

  • Creating the upcoming online program: Stress4Success
  • Creator of the “Design My Destiny” Goals Program. A sure fire way to re-script your life in a way that your brain, your body and the whole universe lines up to propel you towards your goals.  Part of the Science of Attracting Joy Program
  • Former Life Coach on KJZZ TV  “Hometeam “ Morning Show
  • Co-Author in bestselling book, “How Did You Do That?”
  • Creator of the Real Stress Solution Site/Newsletter– bringing REAL solutions to life’s REAL problems. Featuring top experts giving valuable advise for turning stress to success!
  • Creator of the upcoming “5 Minute Stress Solution” Phone APP-an innovative 5 minute program designed to follow the rhythm’s of the body and train your brain out of old negative stress patterns and into new positive patterns using state of the art Energy Methods.
  • Show Host on the Women’s Information Network –  Host of  the “Awake and Aware “show
  • Creator of Abundant Harvest Farms 501C3- non profit  farming venture in Ghana West Africa, whose proceeds go towards building community schools, clinics.

Angela takes her own medicine and has created an amazing life in the heart of the rocky mountains with her incredible husband and five children.

Best Selling Book:

How Did You Do That!

How Did You Do That Book

UpComing Events:

Real Stress Solution Newsletter
Launching December 2011

Turn Stress to Success; The Science of Attracting Joy™
Program Launch – December2011

5 Min Stress Solution
Smart Phone APP launching – December 2011

Thank you

Special thanks to all those who have supported my work and programs and especially to my clients- who continually amaze me with their results!
A special thanks to my husband for his undying patience and love and financial support, and for my children who love me even though they still can’t figure out exactly what I am doing!