“My experience with Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) before working with Angela has shown me that she ia able to get to my core issues fast, and collapse the dysfunctional patterns easily. With RET and with the other chakra based modalities she used, Angela has assisted me in having breakthroughs that I have longed for. This has converted a lifetime of discord and bad habits into a life of peace, harmony, acceptance, contentment and has profoundly changed how I view myself, my life, my relationships and my purpose. Thank you Angela!”

Tacoma, Washington

Working with Angela has excelerated my progress in eliminating limiting beliefs and has enabled me to begin to realize the impact that my thoughts and feelings have on my life. The combination of energy work sessions with Angela and skill-building exercises for home use creates incredible results. In a few short months, I have made great improvements in several areas of my life and I am very excited to continue to work with Angela to accelerate results in other areas as well!!

Teresa Y.
Saratoga Springs, UT

The only word to describe Angela is love! She truly cares about and empathizes with the people she is serving. She completely honors her beautiful, healing stewardship by the way she lives her life. The service she renders is worldwide and she is continuously looking for new ways to be an instrument for good. I am a twenty two year old woman who thought I had all of my issues pretty much sorted out. Angela helped me to find the courage to face some major fears and insecurities and begin a beautiful path of healing. I was able to deal with and let go of some very negative cycles of thinking. Thank you so much Angela! I love you!

I am a 52 year old woman who has suffered for a lifetime with a history of sibling abuse, mental, sexual and violent.

Until meeting with Angela I have been unable to let go of the constant, daily reminders of having been abused. I had never heard of RET until we spoke and she assured me it would be of benefit and that she could help me. Her kindness and professionalism gave me the confidence I needed to trust, an issue that had been burned into my personality since early childhood.

To this point in our work together I feel free of ghosts in my mind and am anxious to continue uncovering and freeing my true self.

Angela has given me wings and there are not enough words to say how grateful I am for RET and Angela’s keen insights.

M. Reeder

Shock and deep emotional pain from an extremely challenging and unexpected family situation tilted me, several months after its resoloution, into a post traumatic depression. I knew very little about RET, but I did know Angela–and knew her to be an amazingly clear, loving, integrity-based, powerful woman.

My goal was to release all trauma from my body tissues and mind, allowing the blessings of my painful experiences . . . This is happening.

In my sessions, I have been surprised to experience powerful release of stored and repressed emotion from various parts of my body, especially the throat chakra. I am amazed at how RET can bring it up and then move it out. Pain comes up for a few moments, quickly turns to relief, and the lasting effect is peace.

Since doing three sessions, involving proxy work, there has been a profound shift in one of my family members who has been previous to this, the most “stuck”. I believe this work, which is spiritually based, is assisting that shift, as it is the only new thing that has come into life’s mix.

Angela not only knows and trusts her tools; she brings an intuitive and loving gift of self that has been as appreciated as much as the gift of the work.

How lovely to go to a soul who is so dear to do this work. I look forward to any time I get to spend with her!

Kit K
Provo, Utah

I had a traumatic divorce a couple years ago & have delt with depression my entire life. I have been to other Therapists & Psychiatrists that offered little help except medications. In my dealings with Angela & RET, I have noticed 100% shift in my life. She has taught me awareness, that has been the number 1 key in how I feel. She has also helped me to let go of negative patterns that were inhibiting my life. I feel like with her help I am now able to move forward with my future & create it in the way that I desire. I am extremely grateful for her help & would recommend her to ANYONE who is READY to make a change.

Liz Marrott
Sandy, UT